I Think The Trash Is Falling For Me


Every note I write for you,
about all the things I wish
I could tell you, about every
time I think of you, when I
miss you, or when the hollow
of my arms ache for your form,

They all end up in the garbage.

Jaden Smith Tweets Deconstructed

1.) If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth

They would be fearless.
They would have no idea of originality
and be unafraid of repeating ideas.
Imagine standing mahogany still
when faced with failing.
No one has told them the truth
of how the world works.
They climb without knowing
what falling is.

They tell you

2.) Trees Are Never Sad Look At Them Once In Awhile They’re Quite Beautiful

I get jealous of my friends who have
limbs that hold hands with the sky
to soak up all the sunlight because
they found out that this
is what they are here to do.

I envy people who have their shit together.
The ones who know their path.
They understand the finish line
and are on their way to cross.

3.) People Use To Ask Me What Do You Wanna Be When You Get Older And I Would Say What A Stupid Question The Real Question Is What Am I Right Now?

Frightened mostly.
A lot of fear is mixed into this trembling
twig body, scared of staring too hard
at my hands and figuring out
everything I could never be.
That I’m made up of mistakes.

4.) Most Trees Are Blue

If you look hard enough.
You can see who is great at bullshitting-
who pretends to have it together.

You can tell because we have gnarled stumps.
We have decay and holes in our bodies.
Even our carefully constructed homes
are jigsaw earthquakes.
I, juggling disaster.
I, jumbled calamity.

Each piece falls apart,
soft, rotten boards
litter the ground
and I’m afraid to rebuild.
I’m terrified to look.

5.) You Can Discover Everything You Need To Know About Everything By Looking At Your Hands

You study hard enough at the freckle in your palm
and the universe opens up for you.

6.) Unawareness Is The Only Sin

But I don’t want to look.

7.) People Hate What They Don’t Understand

8.) But Everything Can Be Understood

What if I figure out the hardwiring
of every action, each synapse that
collapses these hands onto page
or curling of words, is nothing more
than just an underlying worthlessness inside?

That, this mouth
unable to bark or snarl,
this tree is more weeping than willow.
Cracked spine, ready to fall,
arms splintered branches
and my hands
stubbornly trying to cover
the jagged chainsaw teeth that
cut me down.

9.) If You Want To Understand If You Search For Truth

It will eat you alive.
Grind you alive.
Swallow, spit, and leave you alive.

10.) Once You Go In You Always Come Out Alive

Failure always leaves you alive.
Failure always succeeds at that.

I pick at my acne.
And I try to roll my sleeves up
as symmetrically as possible.
I eat mints in odd numbers and
when I have cold toes
it reminds me of being a 6 year old:
all full of brains and sour cream and onion flavored chips.
I wish I still had the wall that my mom measured out my height on.
I want to be able to see how much I’ve grown.
I used to hold up three fingers
by pushing down the pinky
and leaving the other ones up.
Now, I hold down the index.
There’s no need to point at things
any more.
There’s a brick wall in the building I live in.
It always looks the same
but if you asked me to draw it today
and then asked me to draw it tomorrow,
it’s going to look different.
I look different.
I feel the same.
I’m still figuring things out.
Getting up and moving is tougher
than I thought.

5641- 9706- 1365 by Alex Dang! (via wordsoftakumi)

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I spent the entire day stitching myself together.
I am having a hard time remembering where
all my pieces go.

My lungs rattle loose and
they will drop in my stomach,
which feels stiff and shudders
landslides when butterflies flutter
against its walls. My brain fits
too tight when I panic,
sweating like leather wrapped
it shut. This voice box awkwardly
shuffle bounces when I speak.

from Selling Myself Short by Alex Dang!

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Anonymous asked:
Dating anyone lately?

That one.

Anonymous asked:
do you have any upcoming shows in portland? :)

I’ll be at the Portland Poetry Slam this Sunday at Glyph Cafe!

Also, on the 27th, I’ll be doing poems at Alberta St. Pub :D

I’m not superstitious.
But I will throw salt over my shoulder.
And I’ll cross my fingers, knock on wood,
avoid cracks, and never walk underneath ladders.

I don’t believe in that stuff.
But I will wish on shooting stars
and birthday candles, and put faith
in lucky underwear and first date shoes.

These are silly things to do.
To hold your breath in tunnels or
taking pennies that are face up.

It’s just that,
I’m so scared of losing you.
And if having something old, new, borrowed and blue
means that I get to grow old with you,
to make every new thing a second time,
having to cosign a loan for a house,
and to see every shade of sky there is,
it’s worth never opening an umbrella inside.

by Alex Dang! (via wordsoftakumi)



Danez Smith - “Dear White America” (Rustbelt 2014)

"Black girls go missing without a whisper of where. There are no amber alerts for the amber-skinned girls."

Our first video from the 2014 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam. Danez Smith is now the Rustbelt individual champion, two years running. This poem should show you why.

So, What? poems by the Portland Poetry Slam National Team (2014)

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We also managed to cop a sweet 22nd overall out of 72 teams. Not too shabby!

You are living inside of a house fire
and want to redecorate instead of getting out.

Alex Dang!

chance the rapper told me that
this is not a love song: it’s a you song.
i just happen to love you

i am not in love.
i am in you.
so in you.

from The New Workout Plan by Alex Dang!

Anonymous asked:
How can I know where and when you are touring?

I will be posting the tour date and locations in a few months! We are still booking together the tour.

However, if you have a venue, an open mic, a slam ,etc. for us to perform at, email me at ADang47@gmail.com and send me the info and contact! We want to go everywhere in the country to perform!