Facebook Timeline Review

Facebook status update
March 19th, 2009:
is cool like ice on your eyelids, aight kid?

Facebook status update
May 3rd, 2009:
really hopes Deadpool gets his own spin off

Facebook status update
July 29th, 2009:
got his braces off.

I’m almost embarrassed about this person I was-
Something entirely soft and fluff;
cotton candy cloud;
budding dandelion cub.

There’s a lot to be said about the boy who once had
Facebook status update
August 27th, 2009:
knows the mean muggin on my clean thuggin means nothin.

This silly,
wisp of a thing.
Some baby faced,
freshly sprouted from the dirt youngster.
But I suppose some things never change.

Facebook status update
October 29th, 2010:
raised in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle era.

Young ball of pop culture,
only speaking in references and jokes,
Barbed wire trench of insecurity,
look how much you’ve gotten better.
The times never got better,
but we did, didn’t we?
I did.
God, I did get better.

Facebook Status update
August 22nd, 2011:
My 2nd first day of work in my life: accomplished!

Facebook wall post from Dylan Fisher to Alexander Dang
October 17th, 2011
Are you taking the ACT on Saturday?

Facebook status update
January 10th, 2012
One of these days I’ll floss without getting my gums bloody.

But, that little naive spirit still
inhabits these lungs,
still lilts out of my voice
when I get too excited.

Facebook status update
February 28th, 2013:

Come join me!

I am still that sweet boy,
will always be the dewy-eyed kid made of honeybees,
even after the wasps get to me
or if the flowers around melt their petals.
Even after I finally learn the world isn’t
always good and sometimes does things
that teach you nothing:

I refuse to let this become a mausoleum of a self that I hardly recognize.
I forsake giving up trying to learn and seeing the good.

Slivers of time may
slip through the hourglass,
my sunset chalice,
but all are still important enough for me to remember.

Even the tragedies that
take up space on my walls
are pinned next to the bouquets and comedies
that decorate so much more of this book.

This youth,
still swings,
This optimism
still shines,
even after
the Facebook status updates
we dare not post for the rest of the world to see,
we will always, always,
be brave enough to post

Facebook status update
September 30th, 2014:
This is the good life we’re living.

This is a good life.
We’re living.



Last Conversation between Malcom X and his Daughter, Javon Johnson

I think about this poem constantly.

Anonymous asked:
Do you or your team have an instagram?

I have an instagram! It is @takumithefox
I don’t think the team has one though



Back in school. Let’s do this,

Oh wait, haha, just kidding, I don’t wanna go to school.

Anonymous asked:
I. Can't. Focus. On. Anything. Send help. Or bunnies. Or chocolate. Or a really smart person to do my home work for me.

I’ll be in the same boat as you soon enough. We can not focus on homework, together! 

And I’m gonna guess you are plenty smart enough to do the work :) I believe in you!

Anonymous asked:
What is your favorite thing to write about?

I don’t have a particular thing that’s my favorite. It’s usually just whatever story that has its hands around my throat at the moment.

Anonymous asked:
Do you ever feel like you're just writing the same poem over and over and over again just using different words and metaphors? As a poet myself, I feel like that all the time. You're supposed to write about what you know, so I end up writing the same thing over again. What do you do to deal with this?

All the time. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

I feel like every poem is different in it’s own individual and unique way. Every poem has that something little special that makes you fall in love with that particular piece. I try to capitalize on what makes that poem different from the others and then expand that moment. There are so many angles and aspects about the “one thing you write about” that I think it’s impossible to completely finish writing about it.

Anonymous asked:
An encounter with someone long dead that you wish you could have tea with

Honestly… I’d rather have tea with Kanye West.

Anonymous asked:
how are you?

I’m pretty solid right now! I mean school is starting again which is a pain, but I’m living a good house with good friends and I’m excited for so many things coming up.

alliecoffeeee asked:
How did you & Clementine meet?

We met a little over a year ago at the Portland Poetry Slam :)

Let that be a lesson to y’all: you find the best people at poetry readings.



Doc Luben - “Bug vs Door”

"You and I were both seventeen when you died, and ever since then I have envied you."

Performing for Portland, OR at the 2014 National Poetry Slam. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

My teammate everybody.


Back in school. Let’s do this,

Anonymous asked:
You're so awesome and I love you, man. I LOVE YOU. You're such an inspiration.

Oh shucks :3 thanks so much!