A Chestful of Headstrong

This is your heart.
This is your brain.
They do not get along often.

They will argue,
They will fight,
They will scream with all their might
and your lungs will get so tired of it.

Every night, while you fall asleep,
they play chess together. 
Or have a staring contest.
Or just beat the shit out of each other.

The war between the heart and brain is a long and necessary battle.
Pearls are made through years of constant irritation-
Imagine how many precious artifacts will come out of this.

A heart will beat 42 million times in a year.
A brain calculated this.

A brain will send 200 neurons a millisecond to process emotions.
A heart immediately knows love.

The heart and brain are organs.
They will play beautiful songs together.

The branches in your brain splatter like Jackson Pollock paintings.
Your veins spread wide like rivers running back home to the ocean.
Your brain is a well and your heart the sea.

We know how loud the brain can crash against our skulls:
the perfect storm of over analytics
We know how fast the heart can pulse waves inside:
each palpitation capable of shipwreck.

The Gulf of Alaska is a spot where a river plume and an ocean
collide. They meet and
they crash, 
and they crash,
and they crash.

You can see the pictures of this spot
and clearly see the two different bodies of water;
From above it looks like two un-mixing blues:
two raging titans swinging haymakers without one
gaining an inch on the other.

We know how badly
the heart and the brain mixes.
We know how they can stomp on toes
and sway awkwardly backwards to the beat.
We know how they argue and bicker:
one will be a wallflower and the other is in the spotlight.

They will use their friends to get back at each other.
Heart will tell liver to drink and brain cleans up in the morning.
Brain will tell stomach to release butterflies and heart gets queasy.
Heart will tell hands to smash walls and brain fixes the bones.
Brain will tell mouth to cut ties and heart will cry years after it’s done.

This is your heart.

This is your brain.
This is how you feel.

This is what makes you strong.
This is what makes them strong.

They have fought for so long without a winner.
Without a loser.
There are no losers in this match.
Just two opponents who are even.

The Gulf of Alaska is often mistaken as where
two waters meet but do not mix.
Water is fluid and dynamic.
Water will always mix if given enough time.

Give it enough time.
Your heart
Your brain
are organs.


That’s your heart thumping.
That’s your brain thinking.

That’s the work of master engineers
designing, building, finishing
their life’s work. A chain reaction
that leads to the most televised

fight of the century and ends with
the most celebrated peace treaty of all time.

This is your heart.
This is your brain.
This is your life.



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nickissofckinbomb asked:
i just foud you on youtube, but the last 3 videos obviously made me a fan and you an inspiration. you are amazing, keep it up. im really thinking of becoming a poet, but do not know where to start. where did you start and what are you working on now?

Hey, thanks for the support! I really appreciate it :D

I started performing spoken word poetry at 17 and I didn’t win my first competition until 2 years later. I would recommend that you submerge yourself in as much of the culture as you can. Go to open mics, go to your local slam, watch videos on youtube, read read read, and of course write! Even if you don’t think it’s worth it, you have to keep writing and keep practicing. If you get bored of that, go edit your old poems. After that read more and more.

I honestly started out knowing little to nothing about poetry and spoken word and now I’m preparing for my second national tournament and booking together a national tour so I can showcase my poetry across the country! I’m always writing and always trying to learn more and more. You can never get better if you don’t practice or study the thing you want to become great at.



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I Will Never Stop Loving H.E.R.

a poem for Hip-Hop

Kendrick Lamar splits open monsters
and fights on the virtue that to get stronger, 
you only go to battle with armies
that are capable of stampede.
Those who tread lightly are not worthy 
of your warpath.

Lupe Fiasco ties his tongue into a
cat’s cradle and whispers sweet everythings
into the ears of middle schoolers who
by the end of the night will know
the brutality of the Audubon Ballroom

Talib Kweli lectures behind a podium with
Howard Zinn to college-somethings
about the nature of history:
everyone is a writer
but the best authors do not pen the past:
only the victorious do.

A columnist in the New York Daily said that Hip Hop emphasizes
"the crudest materialism in which the ultimate goal
is money and it did not matter how one got it.”

Jay-Z sits on the steps of his former housing project with Oprah Winfrey,
then shakes the hand of the most powerful man of the free world.
He and Beyonce are American royalty
and their bloodlines are unconcerned with its
humble origins.

50 Cent demonstrates a contrasting irony
as his money grows up to be worth
his namesake tenfold and then some.

Sean Combs drapes the resting place
of The Notorious B.I.G. in jewels as
he whispers to his best friend,
Don’t worry, I made us enough money
that it’ll follow me into the afterlife.
We’ll be more than taken care of when we meet again.

Republican senate member Chris McDaniel
was quoted to say that Hip-Hop is a culture that
"values rap and destruction of community values
more than it does poetry.”

Kanye West and Nina Simone
swing dance in an orchard
as the farmers around them
peddle their strange fruit.

Tupac Shakur figures out the equation for immortality.
It is 6 albums, 8 movies,
and an understanding that
power moves create fame;
influential motion crafts legacy.

Andre 3000 writes a song about the
devastating separation between himself and his love.
The world cannot help but pulse to it.
Andre knowing this, before the second chorus
in Hey Ya!, laments:
"y’all don’t wanna hear me.
You just wanna dance.”

Across the internet, Hip Hop is not regarded as a musical genre.
Criticized for lack of originality, vapid lyrics, and a monotonous sound,
the overwhelming statement is that Hip-Hop has nothing to do with music.

The RZA and Just Blaze 
sit behind monitors and soundboards
as they begin to summon the spirits of 
Bill Withers, Gladys Knight and Curtis Mayfield
into the studio.

Hip-Hop has nothing to do with music.

Nicki Minaj simpers and then ferociously
spits at kings as they watch the queen conquer.
Female named hurricanes kill more
than their male counterparts.

Hip-Hop has nothing to do with music.

The beat slam rumbles the speakers of your
'98 Toyota Camry and transforms these
3 minutes and 32 seconds
into a parade etched into a dream that grips your shoulders
and the only way to release the tension that rides on top of you
is to take these songs as an instruction,
it was written like a manual.

Hip-Hop has everything to do with everything.

She doesn’t need to be defended,
        doesn’t need to explain herself,
        doesn’t need your permission.

Hip-Hop walks with the hypocrisies and the benedictions
of every great art form in our existence.

You only notice her because of
how fresh her hips swing,
how zealous her disciples are,
how scared you get when she uses those big words in conversation,
and you beg her, 

talk to me in a way that I can understand.

And you turn up the radio and feel safe.


the reaction has begun

(Source: mikkelsening)


The scraping of metal to metal,
fracturing of glass, the ejection of
airbag cushioning your chest:
a boxing glove hugging your sternum.
Siren songs follow shortly after.
People ask, Are you okay?

Air at 2:47 AM seems to carry sound better.
It’s clearer, cleaner; there’s less muddled
space for the sonic notes to travel. As they
nestle neatly into my ears, I stand
feet away from the train tracks.
The whistle yells at the top of it’s lungs:
Please look out for me. I don’t want to hurt you.

When you left, there wasn’t any rubble,
debris, or disaster zone. Ground zero
looked exactly like the cutting ceremony.
The worst part was the silence. Nothingness
pounded my ears closed. I couldn’t even
hear my own breathing. I forgot what a
heartbeat was.

Cacophony by Alex Dang! (via wordsoftakumi)

This is the new summer aesthetic:
cold drinks at all time, so cold the
condensation drips off in icebergs.
Communication strictly in the form
of laughter or inside jokes developed
under the shade that works so hard to
keep you refreshingly lazy. Oh, and
windows rolled down. Music up.
This balance is crucial because
the roads have transformed their
asphalt bodies into thin trapeze wire.
Also, sweat. A lot of sweat. Ain’t
no season like one where you feel
the hands of hell try to swallow the world
around you but finally, all that adolescent
wishing has come true. You’re too cool you
conductor of twilight madness, you
streetlight centurion, you no watch tan-line
haver because finally you have all the time
to do all the nothing and everything you wanted.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve it.
Who else breaks record high temperatures better
than you?

Summertime Radness by Alex Dang!



We go forward.


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